• The IRS MANDATES ELECTRONIC FILING for entities that file more than 10 information returns in a calendar year. | Electronic Filing with Monarch ACCOUNTING - Make compliance a breeze with our efiling solution for Informational returns. Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork and hello to a streamlined, efficient process. | Monarch Accounting has partnered with efile4biz making efiling through Monarch • Easy-to-use • Accurate • Economical • Safe | No Paper, No Labor, No Envelopes, No Ink? No Problem - E-filing is the answer! | Click here to sign up for e-file!

Paper Tax Filing Slowing You Down?
Get Up to Speed with E-file!

Did you know that electronic tax filing has risen significantly in recent years? Traditional paper tax filing is being surpassed by the convenience and reliability of e-filing.

With our new E-file website, filing your W-2 and 1099s is quick, easy and accurate. Simply enter or upload your data at our secure website, and we'll file electronically with the IRS and state agencies. We also can print and mail copies to your employees, independent contractors and other recipients.

E-file is perfect for businesses like yours because:

  • Everything is done online, eliminating the need for software or paper forms
  • You pay only for the number of forms you file (even if it's just one)
  • Save labor costs of printing, mailing and manually submitting forms to the IRS

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View this video for E-Filing directions.

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